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Oct 19

MindFit – Week 3 – Dr. Robert Goldman

Last week was the third week of the MindFIT program. We reviewed previous mindset of the weeks (open-mindedness v. close mindedness: perseverance v. surrender) and the weekly practice of applying it to our daily lives.

The MOD for The Mindset of the Day (MOD) was Mindfulness v. Mindlessness. When we are mindful, we are living in the present. When we are mindless, we are thinking about the past and the future. Just going through the motions, takes us out of the present moment. Texting takes us out of the moment. How many of your family gatherings look like this?

When we are not in the present moment, it is a breeding ground for anxious thoughts. We challenged our participants to be in the moment throughout the Workout of the Day. For example, focus on your abs as you hold a plank.

We also introduced the concept of belly breathing. Belly breathing involves inhaling by filling our stomach with air as opposed to our upper chest. In fact, we are born as belly breathers. Check this to learn how to belly breath The breath it what brings us back into the moment.

Research has shown that Belly breathing is more calming influence on oneself. Here is a great article that further explains the science behind the its benefits,

Level 2 CrossFit Coach Joey Adduci (owner of CrossFit Commack, ) created a partner WOD that facilitated being present in each moment. If you are interested in being present, please sign up for MindFIT.

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