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Functional Neurology

Dysfunction of the nervous system can present a wide range of signs and symptoms.  When the nervous system is affected, a patient can experience a multitude of symptoms and conditions that can range from developmental disabilities, cognitive problems, mood changes, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular problems and many others disorders.  Functional Neurology looks for the core, underlying problems within the nervous system and treats each individual with a unique, non-invasive, comprehensive approach.  Functional neurologists use various tests such as neurocognitive exams, VNG testing, balance testing, extensive blood, urine and stool testing to help identify where the dysfunction is coming from.

Functional neurology starts with the belief that the brain is continuously multi-tasking, by receiving and sending information throughout the body, so our specialists take that same multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to ensure each patient is reaching their optimal potential.  By developing this integrated treatment program that affects various areas of the brain and body, the team of specialists can re-establish balance within the nervous system.

The CIIT Center has 1 of only 700 board certified chiropractic neurologists, Dr. Michael Gruttadauria, who has spent the better part of his career working in the fields of functional neurology and functional diagnostic medicine.  Together with our team of neurologists and therapist, a customized, comprehensive treatment program is established.