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Dr. Philip DeFina

Dr. Philip DeFina

Doctor Philip Defina is the Chief Neuro Scientist at The CIIT Center.  He is in charge of orchestrating the cutting edge treatment programs with the specialists in the center’s neurology department.  He works with all the doctors at The CIIT Center to ensure the center is developing an integrative and individualized treatment program for each patient.

Doctor DeFina has developed the only FDA-approved treatment protocol for coma and severe disorders of the consciousness (SDOC).  By using the specialized assessment techniques that yield neuromarkers, the neurologists at The CIIT Center will better understand the complex environment of the brain and approach each patient with specific, integrative treatment programs.

Doctor Philip DeFina is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at the International Brain Research Foundation, Inc. where he spear-headed the collaborations among top neurologists and research facilities around the world by facilitating and coordinating cutting-edge research.

Dr. DeFina diagnoses and treats individuals based on their unique brain “fingerprint” (chemical-electrical-magnetic signature map), which can be applied to all conditions of the human brain.   He has created proprietary processes and protocol for assessing neurological functions electrically, magnetically and chemically to determine the pattern, strengths and weaknesses of the brain.


Do you know someone who is depressed?

Dr. Philip DeFina discusses The CIIT Center’s state-of-the-art treatment protocol called TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which is clinically proven for the treatment of depression. The CIIT Center is the only New York State facility able to perform simultaneous bi-lateral treatment to the brain with deep brain stimulation.