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BrainCore Press Release


The CIIT Medical Center Now Offers BrainCore Therapy

Combat a Myriad of Neurological Disorders including ADD/ADHD without Medication

December 29, 2017, Plainview, NY – The Center for Integrative and Innovative Therapies (CIIT) is excited to announce that it offers BrainCore Therapy to treat patients.  For the first-time ever, neurological based conditions including ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, overeating and insomnia can be helped and – in some cases reversed – without medication or invasive methods. BrainCore Therapy instead works to train the brain and regulate the nervous system in a very holistic and effective way. Via a plethora of diverse training methods, determined by the results of an initial EEG, the BrainCore technology enables instant neurofeedback. In turn, a patient becomes aware when his/her brain is producing the correct type of brainwaves needed to fulfill a specific function or task. The treatment provides immediate auditory, visual and sensory response for the patient as confirmation that the correct brainwaves are being utilized. When the brainwaves shift into an abnormal pattern, machinery will cease and the patient will have to refocus and use the appropriate waves to get the BrainCore to restart. It’s direct, easy to understand and even more important – patients have the swift ability to redirect their minds into a healthful rhythm instantaneously.  

BrainCore Therapy should be used simultaneously with traditional treatment for ADD/ADHD. “To receive optimal results it’s necessary to combine the two methods of treatment,” says Dr. Michael Gruttadauria, DC, DACAN.   “Traditional techniques focus on behavior while BrainCore Therapy hones in on the brain. BrainCore Therapy will enable our team to give our patients a new lease on life.”

“The implementation of neurofeedback programs such as BrainCore are important tools that reinforce other evidence based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness,” stated Dr. Robert Goldman, Psy.D, J.D., supervising psychologist at The CIIT Medical Center.

Typically, patients need to undergo about 10-20 thirty-minute sessions for optimal results. Among the many neurological ailments BrainCore Therapy combats includes: symptoms of ADD/ADHD, headaches and migraines, learning disorders, memory loss, overeating and binge eating, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, insomnia, age-related cognitive disorders, panic and anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. It’s permanent, painless and proving to be the method of choice among patients.

The CIIT Center, specializing in the treatment of children with  autism spectrum disorder,  as well as adults with traumatic brain injury such as a concussion, and chronic conditions like Depression, migraine, posttraumatic stress disorder, autoimmune diseases, occupies 12,500-square feet in a street level office building located right off two major highways in Plainview, NY.  The progressive center provides great efficiency and convenience in how we serve our patients.  The goal is to create integrated, personalized treatment programs where the patient and staff work in unison to identify the underlying health conditions causing the issues, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.   Find the center online at