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Jan 11

Dr. Mike and the Island Outlook Show

Missed Dr. Mike’s radio interview with the Island Outlook Show? No worries, we have an mp3 recording for you! During the interview, Dr. Mike discusses the CIIT Medical Center’s work and mission for the Long Island community. Questions? Contact us at 516-243-8660!  

Jan 2

Common Signs of Autism

The following information in this blog is not meant to diagnose or treat and should not take the place of personal consultation. If you suspect your child or another family member have autism please contact your primary healthcare provider. When determining signs of autism in a child, it’s best to understand what exactly Autism Spectrum Disorder is. There has always been a lot of confusion on this topic dating back to the 1940s when Autism […]

Oct 19

MindFit – Week 3 – Dr. Robert Goldman

Last week was the third week of the MindFIT program. We reviewed previous mindset of the weeks (open-mindedness v. close mindedness: perseverance v. surrender) and the weekly practice of applying it to our daily lives. The MOD for The Mindset of the Day (MOD) was Mindfulness v. Mindlessness. When we are mindful, we are living in the present. When we are mindless, we are thinking about the past and the future. Just going through the […]

Oct 6

MindFit Week 2 – Dr. Robert Goldman

MindFIT Week 2 with Dr. Robert Goldman “The Cure for F*ck It, is the Effort.” Last week was the second week of the MindFIT program. We reviewed week one’s previous mindset of the day (open-mindedness v. close mindedness) and the weekly practice of applying it to our daily lives. One of our members was gracious enough to draw the metaphor of the previous week. With his consent, I am including his artistry in this blog. […]

Sep 29

MindFIT – Dr. Robert Goldman

What is MindFIT with Dr. Robert Goldman Free your mind and the rest will follow. The mission of the center is to promote wellness and treat illness with innovative and integrative approaches to symptomology so that we can learn from the ailment and heal. Contrary to this view, our culture is very reactive. When it comes to mental health, we wait for anxiety to strike and mask the symptoms with a pill rather than seeking […]