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About Us

The Center for Integrative & Innovative Therapies (The CIIT Center) is all about the intimate relationships among the patient, doctors, and therapists, all working together under one roof! 
What sets The CIIT Center apart from other facilities is that our doctors and therapists look beyond the obvious symptoms that our patients are experiencing and they use innovative diagnostic tests and integrative therapies to treat the core, underlying health conditions and not just the symptoms. 
That’s when your personalized treatment program begins….

The CIIT Center believes in Integrative Medicine as the core to our treatment protocol and we treat the patient as a whole person, including all aspects of their lifestyle.  We treat each patient with an integrative approach that includes a customized treatment plan of various therapies.  Our healthcare professionals work in unison to develop an individualized health plan all in one facility.

Biomedicine is the practice of gaining the knowledge on the principles of how the human body works and to find new ways to treat disease by developing advanced diagnostic tools and new therapeutic strategies.  It’s about developing systems, equipment and medical devises to solve clinical problems.

Neuro-Enhancement refers to targeted enhancement and extension of cognitive and affective abilities based on an understanding of their underlying neurobiology in patients.  At The CIIT Center, we believe in Neuro-Enhancement Therapy, which is designed to evaluate and treat the medically-identified contributory factors that lead to various symptoms.  A treatment strategy is then created, which is directed at these underlying mechanisms rather than focusing on those symptoms.  This is accompanied through careful examination and specialized, biomedical testing.

The CIIT Center uses Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology

CIIT ConcussionFunctional Medicine can be thought of as a big umbrella that encompasses and treats every organ system in the body.  Functional Medicine Therapy focuses on the optimal functioning of the whole body.  It usually involves systems of holistic or integrative medicine and addresses the underlying causes of disease and symptoms.  It’s a system-oriented approach engaging both patient and practitioner in a process where the patient is treated as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

Functional Neurology looks for the core problems within the nervous system and treats each patient with a unique, non-invasive approach.  Functional neurologists use various tests such as VNG testing (eye movement), balance testing and neurocognitive exams to help identify where thee dysfunction is coming from.

Whether you are a patient suffering with Migraines, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gastrointestinal Problems, Post Traumatic Stress, or recently had a brain injury such as a Concussion, The CIIT Center is here to help.

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